How to Make a Palm Tree Out of Balloons

Things You'll Need

  • Yellow round balloons
  • Brown round balloons
  • Green long thin balloons
  • String
  • Balloon weight
  • Balloon inflater (optional)

You can make a palm tree out of balloons to complement a tropical theme party. You can make a small tabletop palm tree as a center piece, or make a large palm tree that is several feet tall to set in a corner. Group several balloon palm trees together of differing heights on either side of a table for an impressive frame to the festivities.

Blow up four yellow balloons to the same size and tie them off. Tie two balloons together at the neck and repeat for the other two balloons. Lay one set of tied balloons on top of the other, forming an X. Tie the X together with string.

Inflate another four yellow balloons and make another X and tie it off as you did the first set. Stack the two sets of balloons on top of each other and attach in the middle with string. Continue making clusters of four balloons and tying them together until the trunk reaches your desired height.

Inflate three brown balloons and tie them off. Tie the ends of the three balloons together and attach them to the top of the trunk with string.

Inflate between 6 and 12 of the long green balloon fronds, depending on the size of your palm tree. Then tie them off. Gather the tied ends and tie them together with string. Pass the ends of the string into the middle of the trunk and loop it around the center of the trunk balloons 3 to 4 layers down and tie securely. Push the green balloons into the center of the trunk 3 inches and arrange the fronds.

Attach the balloon weight to the bottom center of your palm tree, hiding it under the balloons.


  • Make a balloon weight by filling an empty balloon with sand.


  • Do not over-inflate balloons because they can pop.