How to Make a Mummy Costume

How to Make a Mummy Costume. Halloween is the perfect time for little witches, spooks, goblins and mummies. Don't settle for store-bought costumes this year, because learning how to make a mummy costume is quick and easy. The white material makes an easily seen costume for children and there is no vision-blocking mask. Read on to learn how to make a boo-tiful mummy costume.


Use as much tape as necessary to keep strips snug and in place. This costume requires two people to help create it in just minutes.


Be sure that strips around the eyes are secure. Make sure there are no strips dragging underfoot that could trip a trick-or-treater. For extra safety, use glow-in-the-dark paint around wrists and ankles, shoes, on the back of the costume or anywhere that would be noticed by motorists.