How to Make a Moon Costume for a Child's Play

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 Styrofoam discs, 24-inches
  • Large paint brush
  • 1 bag flour
  • Water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Paint pallete
  • Light gray acrylic paint
  • Silver acrylic paint
  • Bath sponge
  • Styrofoam plate
  • Light yellow phosphorescent acrylic paint
  • 1/4-inch dowel rod
  • 3 yards cord
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Styrofoam knife

You can create an easy out-of-this-world moon costume in no time with just a few craft supplies. This costume wears like a sandwich board, perfect for a play or a costume party, and even the youngest kids can complete it with a little help. The moon costume is painted a light gray and silver with a touch of yellow, but it can be painted in other colors to represent the different colors of the moon.

Full Moon Costume

Press indentations into two Styrofoam discs with the ends of a paint brush to create moon craters. Indentions should only be made on one side of each disc. Make as many or few craters as you’d like.

Mix 2 parts flour to 1 part water in a mixing bowl. The mixture should resemble lumpy pancake batter.

Paint the flour mixture across the moon’s cratered surface. Allow the flour to pool into the craters and build up in areas to create mountains. Let the flour mixture dry.

Paint the surface and sides of each disc with light gray paint.

Mix strokes of silver into the painted surface while the light gray paint is still wet.

Place a small amount of yellow phosphorescent paint onto the Styrofoam plate. Lay a section of the bath sponge across the paint.

Use the bath sponge to add more color onto the moon's surface. Work the paint while it is still wet. The yellow phosphorescent paint will glow in low light.

Create the sandwich board. Press a 1/4-inch dowel rod through the side right and side left of the top area of each disc. Make sure that the hole is at least 1 inch from the top edge to prevent the Styrofoam from breaking.

Insert an 18-inch section of cord through the right side and left side holes on the top of each piece. Adjust the length of the cord if necessary. Tie a knot in the ends of each cord to secure them in place.

Half Moon Costume

Draw a half-moon shape onto two Styrofoam discs with a pencil. It is OK if the pencil leaves gouges in the discs.

Use a Styrofoam knife to cut the shapes from the discs. Set the remaining Styrofoam aside for later use.

Press craters into the front of each piece.

Paint the flour mixture over the front of the pieces and let the pieces dry.

Paint the half-moon pieces with the light gray paint and then add streaks of silver across the surface.

Sponge paint the moon's surface with the phosphorescent yellow paint. Allow the pieces to dry and then paint the side areas.

Press a dowel rod through the tip of each half-moon piece. Make sure that the hole is at least 1 inch from the edge to prevent splitting.

Create the sandwich board. Insert an 18-inch section of cord through the hole of each piece. Tie the cord ends in knots. Insert another 18-inch section of cord through the same holes and tie those ends in knots. This will create a smaller sandwich board that resembles a necklace.


  • Wear the costume over black leggings and a black turtleneck shirt to complete the look.


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