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How to Position Dots on a Pool Table

Pool is a fun game for enthusiasts of all ages. If you are setting up a pool table in your home, you may be confused as to how to set up the dots or spots that denote where you should rack the balls and other rules for play. These dots are easy to apply, but should be positioned in a particular way for regulation standards.

Measure your table so that you know what size it is. Pool tables come in 4-by-8 foot, 4.5-by-9 foot, 5-by-10 foot or 6-by-12 foot sizes. The size of your table will change where your dots are placed.

Measure the exact center of your pool table lengthwise. Snap a chalk line that runs vertically down the exact center of your pool table.

Measure one-fifth of your pool table's length at the end of the table that you are placing the dots. Snap a chalk line at the one-fifth mark horizontally, as shown in the diagram.

Place one dot, know as the "Apex," at the exact spot that your chalk lines intersect. If you are only using your pool table for pool, then you are finished. If you plan to also use it for snooker, place two more dots.

Measure the width of your pool table into thirds.

Place two dots on the outside lines of the middle section, as shown in diagram.

Things You'll Need:

  • Dots
  • Measuring tape
  • Chalk line
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