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How do I Make a Wahoo Game Board?

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“Wahoo,” otherwise known as “Aggravation,” is a board game for up to four players in which each player moves marbles around a cross-shaped track. Because the game does not feature any special spaces and is simply a series of circular holes, you can make your own "Wahoo" game board and use marbles as game pieces. Make a simple "Wahoo" game board or customize it with stickers and paint to create a custom board to add to your game shelf.

Measure ½ inch down and 6 inches to the right from the top left of a 15-inch square sheet of wood. Draw a circle with a compass measuring ½ inch in diameter.

Measure 1 inch to the right from the center of the circle and draw another ½-inch circle. There will be a ½-inch space between the two circles.

Repeat three more times so you have five circles drawn at the top of the board.

Measure 1 inch down from the end circle on each side of the row and draw a ½-inch circle. Repeat four times so there are six circles total going down on each end including the circle at the top.

Draw five ½-inch circles with a ½-inch space between each one, moving to the left of the bottom circle of the left column and five to the right of the bottom circle of the right column.

Draw four circles down from the right and left row of circles. Draw five circles moving inward from the bottom of each column.

Draw five circles downward from the end of the previous rows and then draw three circles in between the bottom circles of the column to complete the cross.

Draw a line of four circles moving in toward the center of the cross from the center of each of the four ends of the cross.

Draw a circle in the very center of the cross.

Draw a box of four circles in each corner of the wooden board.

Drill through each circle with a power drill and ½-inch flat drill bit. Drill a total of 89 circles, all measuring ½ inch in diameter.

Apply wood glue to one side of the board. Place it over another 15-by-15-inch sheet of wood. Allow the glue to dry.

Things You'll Need:

  • Two 15-inch square sheets of wood
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Power drill
  • ½-inch flat drill bit
  • Wood glue


To measure spaces, remember that the distance from the center of one circle to the center of an adjacent circle will be 1 inch. Use marbles of four different colors to play “Wahoo.”

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