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How to Make a Board Game Using Golf Tees

Golf Tees

If you have about fourteen extra golf tees lying around, and you would like to do something fun with them, then this is a great board game to make. This game is sometimes referred to as the peg game, and other times referred to as the IQ game. Whatever you would like to call it, it is a one-player game that is great for passing the time, challenging your mind and taking a well-deserved break. Aside from all of this, it's easy to make.

Measure 6 inches across one of the sides of your square foot of wood and mark the spot. This should be the halfway mark across one of your sides.

Draw lines from this mark to the two corners of the wood farthest away from the mark. This will create the image of a triangle on your piece of wood.

Saw directly where you have drawn your lines from the six-inch mark to the two farthest corners. This will leave you with a large triangular piece of wood and two smaller triangular pieces of wood.

Set aside the two smaller triangular pieces of wood. You will only be using the large triangular piece of wood without right angles to make the board game.

Orient your triangle so that a side is on the bottom of the board and a point is on the top. It doesn't matter which side or point you decide to use.

Measure out and draw 15 evenly spaced dots onto your piece of wood in five rows. There should be five dots in the bottom row, four dots in the row above that, three dots in the row above that, two dots in the row above that, and one dot at the top, about an inch below the tip of the triangle.

Step back and look at the dots to make sure that they are evenly spaced.

Drill holes about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch deep (depending on the height of your golf tees which will be inserted in the holes) using your 12-gauge (about 4.8mm in diameter) drill bit where each of your dots are.

Insert golf tees into each of the holes except for one. It is easiest to leave the hole on top of the triangle open to start the game, but you can start with any hole open.

You are ready to start the game. To play the game, move your golf tees so that they jump one other golf tee at a time (like in checkers) into the open hole behind the other golf tee until you are left without any golf tees next to one another and are therefore out of moves. The object of the game is to end the game with only one golf tee left on the board.

Things You'll Need:

  • Drill
  • 12-gauge drill bit
  • One square foot of wood (preferably 1/2" thick)
  • Saw or table saw
  • 14 golf tees


If you do not own a drill bit that is about 4.8mm in diameter you can use a larger one. However, larger holes will cause golf tees to not stand up as straight as they normally would. If you own a smaller or larger kind of golf tee than is the average, adjust your drill bit size accordingly.


  • If you are using a table saw, always follow safety precautions such as wearing protective eye and ear gear, not wearing loose clothing or letting long hair down, and operating the saw defensively.
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