How to Make a Mini Tricycle Diaper Cake

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Diaper cakes make a unique and memorable gift for a new parent. While there are several different ways to make a diaper cake, a new and fresh approach is the mini tricycle diaper cake. Because a tricycle is a unisex gift, this makes a perfect choice for a boy or girl. You can purchase a pre-made diaper cake, but creating one yourself makes the gift more personal.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby Bib
  • Small Stuffed Animal
  • Small Baby Bottle
  • Small Receiving Blanket Or Large Burp Cloth
  • 2 Infant-Size Washcloths In Coordinating Colors
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • 15 Size 1 Diapers
  • Empty Paper-Towel Roll
  • Pacifier
  • Large Rubber Bands
  • Thick And Thin Ribbon
Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Separate the diapers into two piles of four diapers and one pile of seven diapers. Work with the two smaller piles to create the back wheels. Wrap one diaper around one end of the paper-towel roll and hold it with your hand. Tightly wrap another diaper around the first and hold in place. Continue with the remaining two diapers and create a tire-type look around the paper-towel roll.

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Secure the first wheel with a large rubber band. Repeat the steps on the other end of the paper-towel roll. The paper-towel roll should not extend beyond the exterior of either wheel. The part of the paper-towel roll between the wheels will be exposed.

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Cut 3/4 inch off the toilet-paper roll. Using the same method used on the paper-towel roll, wrap the larger pile of diapers around the toilet-paper roll in a tire shape and secure with a large rubber band. If the rubber band does not fit, simply tie a ribbon very tightly around the center of the diapers.

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Set the wheels in a tricycle position—the two attached to the paper-towel in back and the single wheel directly in front so that it resembles a triangle. To secure the three wheels together, wrap a thin ribbon around the center of the paper-towel roll and feed one end of the ribbon through the hollow opening of the toilet-paper roll. Tie the ribbon two ends together tightly to attach all three wheels.

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Roll a piece of larger, thick ribbon around each wheel to hide the rubber bands. Secure the ribbons by taping the ends together. Insert the small washcloths into the exterior of the back wheels. This will cover up the holes.

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Roll the receiving blanket or burp cloth into a tight and firm rod. Thread the rod through the center of the front wheel so the center of the rod is in the middle of the front wheel. Pull both ends of the cloth rod up and together and hold them in place. Slip the baby bottle, nipple cover side out, into the area between the two ends of the cloth rod and the front wheel. This will be the headlight. Secure the cloth rod above the baby bottle with a rubber band. Allow the ends of the rod to fall to the sides; this will be the handlebars. Secure any loose parts with thin ribbon.

Melissa Kirk/Demand Media

Attach the small stuffed animal to the center of the tricycle so that it looks as though it is sitting on a seat. Hang the bib behind the stuffed animal to cover any remaining paper-towel roll. Hang the pacifier from the handlebars.


  • Add additional details to the tricycle to personalize it further.

    Create a label to hang from the tricycle to let the receiver know what is included.

    Wrap the tricycle in tulle for a polished and finished look.


  • Do not use glue to hold the diapers together.