How to Make a Memory Scrapbook

How to Make a Memory Scrapbook. A memory scrapbook is a great way to commemorate a special occasion in your life. Don't let the photos from the event turn yellow from age in a shoebox in the closet. Take the time to make the scrapbook so you can enjoy the memories every chance you get.

Gather your photos. Take time to sort through the photos for ideas for a memory book. You may want to make a memory scrapbook of a particular year in your child's life. A memory scrapbook of a vacation is a great way to remember the fun times you shared with your family. Or make a memory scrapbook to commemorate the life of a family member who has passed away.

Make copies of your original photos. Be sure to do this for old, archival quality photos especially.

Purchase your supplies. All of the materials that you choose, including the papers and plastic protector sheets in the scrapbook, need to be acid-free. You can find many styles of papers and embellishments that match the theme you chose in Step 1.

Choose the full-size paper sheets you plan to use for the background. Pick out photos to highlight on each page. Arrange each photo so that it tells its own story. If necessary, crop the photos to fit on the page.

Add contrasting paper, photo borders and other embellishments. Once you get everything just the way you want it on the memory page, use the double-stick tape or other acid-free glue to affix the papers and photos to the background paper.

Write journal entries for the memory scrapbook. You don't need to do this for every page, but it's a fun way to preserve the memories.

Slip the finished page into its protective sleeve. Proceed to make more pages for your memory book.

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