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Ideas for Yearbook Memorial Pages

Memorial pages in yearbooks can be a way to honor events and people.
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Yearbooks are a commemorative way to reflect on a year of school that has passed, but they can also provide a way to remember and acknowledge a loss or tragic event. You should try to be as sensitive and tasteful as possible when you are designing and laying out these yearbook pages, as people may still be in mourning.


A yearbook memorial page can be designed as a visual eulogy. A person who has died can be honored with his picture and name on the top of the page, and stories, quotes and pictures from his life can be placed in a montage on the remainder of the page.

Remarks on a Life

Family and friends can write messages that can be printed on a yearbook memorial page. The quotes can be handwritten and scanned for publishing, or the messages can be typed onto the page layout. This is a sentimental way for people to express admiration of, respect for or remembrance of the person who has died.


A timeline can be a way to remember the life stages of a person who died within the course of the school year. You can place pictures from the years of her life in a consecutive row, or they can spin out in a spiral from the center of the page. Provide captions with the photos to lend context.

Expression and Reflection

Lyrics to a song or the words to a poem can be placed on a yearbook memorial page to remember people lost during the school year or to honor a tragic event. You can place names, birth and death dates, and photos of those lost at the top of the page and the artful reflection on its own in the center of the page.

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