How to Make a Leeloo Costume

The character Leeloo is from the 1997 move the Fifth Element. You can achieve one of this vivacious and dramatic character's signature looks for a costume party or sci-fi convention. LeeLoo's orange suspender outfit will give you a sexy, dramatic costume that will make you stand out in a crowd.

Things You'll Need

  • Black Trim
  • Orange Wig
  • White Crop Top
  • 2-Inch Black Belt (Plain Buckle)
  • Black Boots
  • Semi-Shiny Leggings
  • Orange Plastic Suspenders

Buy a cropped orange wig. A Leeloo costume is not complete without the orange wig. In fact, a Leeloo costume, is not a Leeloo costume without the orange bobbed hair.

If you can't find a short, orange wig, buy a blonde one and dye it bright orange with a bright orange hair dye that you can find at a Halloween specialty store.

If you bought a real hair wig, consider getting it styled by a hair stylist. Bring in a picture of Leeloo and ask for recommendations and a cut. Use hair styling gel to saturate the hair. Twist slightly so that the orange hair is stringy and stiff, but not necessarily dread locks.

Find a cropped white shirt with ribbing. Wear the T-shirt at your comfort level. While some people may prefer to have it cropped right below the breast as Leeloo had it, others will wear it long. If you are modest or worried about being cold, wear it long and bring safety pins to tuck it up to your comfort level. You can buy a cropped shirt or simply shorten one of your own with a pair of sharp scissors. A hem adds a neat appearance but isn't essential.

Find or make orange suspender. The hardest part about making a Leeloo costume is finding the suspenders. This will also most likely be the most expensive part of your costume. You can purchase suspenders made to your exact dimensions at specialty costume stores.

Another option is to make your suspenders. You can use vinyl or duct tape to create the suspenders, which is much cheaper than buying them if you only plan to wear the costume once. You can also make them out of silicone.

Look for a black 2-inch belt with a plain buckle. You may have one in your own closet or you can borrow one from a friend. You can also find what you need at most discount stores.

Make sure to wear the belt with the buckle to the right side for your Leeloo costume.

Search out the perfect pair of leggings or pants for the bottom half of your costume. Some costume stores sell Leeloo pants, but you can find shiny leggings at a store that specializes in dance apparel. Sew black piping down the middle of each leg in the front, putting another strip of piping around the leg, above and below the knee, on both legs.

Find a pair of clunky, black boots. Look in your own closet or borrow from a friend. Check at resale and discount stores. Bring a picture with you if you go shopping to make sure it is as accurate as possible.


  • Make a Multi-Pass and carry it with you for added effect. Consider looking at pictures of the many Leeloo costumes on Flickr and Google Images for ideas. If you are looking for an even more daring costume with less work involved, consider making the Leeloo costume with white bandages.