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How to Make a Leather Ponytail Holder

A leather ponytail holder (or wrap) is a dramatic fashion accessory and a practical one for motorcyclists and equestrians. It is also easy to make, being little more than a tube of leather with lace or snap closures. The ponytail wrap goes back to Middle East harems (think of Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Jeannie”), though it remains a favorite among motorcyclists.

Things You'll Need:

  • Leather, 5 Inches Wide By 4 Inches, 6 Or 8 Inches Long
  • Grommets And Grommet Setter
  • Tailor’S Chalk Or Wax Pencil
  • Fine Shoe Laces, Leather Cord Or Ribbon
  • Snaps And Snap Setter

Select a length to suit your hair. If your hair reaches your shoulders, then a 4-inch wrap will suit you; with anything longer, you may prefer a 6- or 8-inch wrap (or a selection in all sizes).

Cut a piece of leather 5 inches wide by whatever length you have chosen.

Wrap the leather around your ponytail, so that it fits comfortably. Mark with your tailor’s chalk or wax pencil where the leather overwraps itself


Roll your leather piece flat, with the 5-inch side at the bottom and top, and with the vertical line that you drew to your right. Measure 1/2 inch to the left and right of that vertical line and draw two more vertical lines. You should have a total of three vertical lines. Erase the middle line and trim the leather along the line on the right. You will affix grommets to the remaining line.

Measure ½ inch in from the left-hand edge of the leather, and draw a vertical line. Affix grommets 1 inch apart along your grommet lines. Lace these as you would a shoe or sneaker.

Wrap your ponytail and tie it snugly; use any excess length of shoelace, ribbon or cord, to tie the wrap directly to your ponytail.


Lay the leather flat, with the 5-inch edges on the bottom and top. Measure in ½ inch to from the edge on your left, and draw a vertical line. Affix the top of the snaps, spaced by 1 inch.

Measure ½ to ¾ inch to the right of the vertical line on your right. Draw a line, and affix the backside of the snaps here.

Affix a shoelace, cord or ribbon to your wrap, to tie it to your hair securely. Unroll the leather, and punch a small hole ½ way along the bottom edge. Pass a shoelace or ribbon through this hole, and use it to tie your wrap to your ponytail.


Use any piece of leather (for example, from an old jacket or pair of boots).

Quality retailers like HideCrafters or Tandy Leather Factory provide unique leathers, like ostrich leg, elephant hide and goatskin.

The leather should be about jacket weight; anything stiffer (for example, the leather from which motorcycle saddlebags are made) will be difficult to work with, and heavy in your hair.

Customize your leather as you see fit, with beads, conchos or studs, or simply leave it plain. Its whip-handle style is dramatic enough.

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