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How to Make a Label for a Whiskey Bottle

You can create affordable whiskey labels at home
whiskey bottle image by Roman Sigaev from Fotolia.com

Home brewers enjoy creating liquor to their own preferences. Labels add a professional touch to the product. Owners can use them to keep track of bottles from specific batches easily. It might be easier to have a designer make the labels for whiskey bottles, but it is more affordable to create them on your own. The process requires a few supplies.

Things You'll Need:

  • Label Sheet
  • Fixative Spray

Measure the dimensions of the whiskey bottle and use these measurements to determine the size of the label. For instance, if one side of the bottle measures 4 inches by 5 inches, a label measuring 3 inches by 4 inches may be appropriate.

Open your word processing program. Adjust the page margins to suit the measurements for the label. For a label that will measure 3 inches by 4 inches, for instance, pull the pointer on the vertical ruler to 3 inches and the pointer on the horizontal ruler to 4 inches.

Type in the information for the whiskey. This usually includes the name of the product, where it was created and the proof. Add more information, if you wish, such as the age of the whiskey, the percentage of alcohol by volume and aspects of its history. For instance, the label could read:

O’Shea’s Original Whiskey Distilled and Bottled in Kentucky 70cl e alc 40% vol.


Old Jim Whiskey Isle Distilleries Kentucky 80 Proof

Use the program's tools to enhance the appearance of the text. For instance, choose a decorative font, change the size of the font and center the text.

Insert a picture, if you wish. This may be at the top of the text, in the middle of the text or beneath the text. Adjust the size of the image until it is of an appropriate size for the label.

Insert the label sheet into the printer tray and print the label. Wait for the ink to dry completely.

Spray light coats of fixative spray on the label. This will seal the ink on the label so it does not bleed if it is exposed to moisture. Wait for each coat of the fixative to dry before applying the next.

Cut the label out of the label sheet. Peel it off the backing and place it on the whiskey bottle. Apply the label carefully to avoid creating air bubbles.


Onlinelabels.com recommends placing the bottle on your lap to apply the label.

Some label suppliers offer waterproof labels specifically for wine and liquor bottles. These include weatherproof labels, metallic foil labels and gloss labels.

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