How to Make a Fleece Cape

Whether you want to feel like a superhero or a Rennaissance woman, a cape can lift your spirits and warm your shoulders.
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You don't need a lot of sewing skills to make a warm cape for chilly weather. Wear this cape yourself or make it for a friend or the children in your life. This simple no-sew cape will be the hit of the season, and the best part is that you can customize it to your signature look with your choice of fleece fabric color and pattern. With a sharp pair of scissors and a little creativity, you can have a cape in about an hour.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Fleece Fabric
  • Grosgrain Ribbon, 2-Inch Width
  • Clear Nail Polish Or Fray-Check

Measure your model; if you are the model then you will need to enlist the help of someone else. For measurement A, hold your arms straight out at your sides so your body has a T-shape; measure from your fingertips to your fingertips and round up to the nearest inch. For measurement B, measure from just outside your left elbow to just outside your right elbow, also going across your wingspan; round up to the nearest inch. For measurement C, hold your arms down at your sides and measure from your shoulder down to the midway point from your elbow to your wrist. Again, round up to the nearest inch.

Cut a piece of fleece fabric that measures A by 1/2 of C. Cut another piece of fleece that measures B by C.

Lay out the two pieces of fleece in front of you on a table. Position the longer piece so that its top long edge lines up with the top long edge of the shorter piece. Pinch the longer piece to make pleats so that its length gathers to match the length of the shorter piece.

Use your scissors to cut slits in the fleece, going through all layers. Position your slits approximately 2 inches down from the top edge of the fabric pieces, and make your slits 1.5 inches tall. Start on the left side of the fabric and make the slits every 2 inches across the cape.

Cut a length of grosgrain ribbon that is 2 inches wide and twice as long as measurement B. Thread this ribbon through the slits you made in the fabric and pull it so that an even amount of ribbon hangs out over either side.

Try on the cape. Pull it on over your shoulders and tie the ribbon in front to secure it. Let the fabric fall down in front of you and determine whether you like it as it is or if it needs armholes. If you prefer armholes, cut one slit on either side of the front of the fabric in a position that would be comfortable to slide your arms through the slits.