How to Make a Fishing Reel

How to Make a Fishing Reel. Fishing and angling are the same sport. Like other animal related sports, fishing originated as a way of supplying food for survival. Fishing can be documented back to the Egyptians around 2000 BC. The Chinese have historical references to fishing dating back to the 4th Century BC and the bait used was cooked rice. Greek, Assyrian, Roman and Jewish historical writings all have references to fishing. Today fishing is a commercial sport.

Select a block of wood and mark the space you want to grind out. You need to make the sides of the reel thick enough that they don't break when the torque of the fish line burns into it.

Touch the wood to the grinder and sand out the chore of the wood block in alignment with the pattern drawn on the wood block. You will need to change the grinder wheel to accommodate the shrinkage of the wood block.

Draw a circle on the side of the wood reel where you want to drill the center hole through. Make sure the hole is perfectly centered or the reel will wobble and not provide a smooth expulsion of the string.

Drop the chuck pin into the hole and fasten with a nut.

Drill the hole where the rod will slide into.The measurements are important as you want your reel straight on your rod.

Insert the spigot of the main spindle of the rod into the hole drilled. You may have to wax the rod. The fit needs to be tight.

Thread fish line into the reel and run the end up the shaft of the reel. It is important to be patient with this process because you do not want knots in the line.


Be patient in the construction-accuracy will make the fishing experience better.


Always wear safety goggles.

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