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How to Make a Firefly Lantern From "Tangled"

The lanterns in the Disney animated movie “Tangled” feature prominently in the movie. Rapunzel, as a heroine, dreams of seeing the lanterns in person. Naturally, any fan of “Tangled” is likely to want to make the lanterns to enjoy as well. These firefly lanterns are easy to make but don’t fly, leaving that to the cartoon. The lanterns are perfect as party decorations or to light up a room. By using a battery powered light instead of a candle, even young children can join in the fun of making a lantern.

Things You'll Need:

  • Template
  • Small Battery Powered Light
  • Crayons Or Markers
  • Printer
  • Heavy Card Stock
  • Battery
  • Double-Sided Tape

Download the lantern design and print the template on card stock. A template is available at the Inspired by Wonder website. Print two cardstock sheets. Yellow card stock is the color used in “Tangled” but you could substitute white or cream.

Color the border by tracing over it with a crayon or marker. Purple is the color used on most of the lanterns in the “Tangled” movie if you want to focus on authenticity. You should also color the sun shape.

Place the two pieces of card stock next to each other and arrange them so that the edges are overlapping by about 1 inch. It should look like one long piece of paper with a continuous border and two suns.

Use double-sided tape to secure the overlapping ends together.

Stand the lantern up and curve the new ends towards each other.

Overlap the ends and use tape to join them together. This will give you a rounded paper lantern.

Set the lantern on a flat surface.

Put a battery in the light. The light you’re using should be a small tea light or votive candle.

Turn the light on and place it in the center of the lantern to finish the lantern. Most battery powered candle-like lights turn on if you press the lightbulb once.


If you do want to use candles, place a small glass jar where the light would go and set a candle inside the jar. Light the candle when you’re ready to use it.


  • If you choose to use candles, do not let children light the candle or play with the lanterns. Don't leave the lanterns unattended if using candles.
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