How to Make a Diaper Tower

Make a diaper tower with baby diapers and toys.
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Making a diaper tower and presenting it to a new mother is a crafty way to gift baby necessities. A diaper tower is similar to a diaper cake and is constructed out of diapers, baby toys, clothing and anything else you can imagine. Diaper towers give you the opportunity to give a great, homemade gift that also acts as a table centerpiece. Use a variety of baby items to make a diaper tower that is simple and sure to please.

Things You'll Need

  • Stuffed Animal
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands Of Various Sizes
  • Infant Diapers
  • Diaper Pins
  • Baby Toys, Accessories And/Or Clothing
  • Ribbon
  • Paint Stick
  • Tall Baby Bottle
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Cardboard Circle

Rolling the Diapers

Unroll a diaper and lay it on a flat surface, with the inside of the diaper facing upwards. Press the diaper down flat.

Start at the front of the diaper and roll it tightly inwards. Tightly wrap a rubber band around the rolled-up diaper.

Adjust the edges of the diaper to make it as even as possible. Continue tightly rolling and wrapping each individual diaper.

Assembling the Layers

Lay the cardboard circle on a flat surface. It should be as big as you would like the base of the diaper tower to be. You can purchase cardboard cake disks or cut your own circle. Position the baby bottle directly in the middle of the circle. The baby bottle will hold the layers of the diaper tower together.

Stand a row of rolled diapers around the bottom of the bottle. Ensure they are close together. Wrap a rubber band around the diapers, securing them to the bottom. This is the first row in the first layer of the diaper tower.

Add another row of diapers around the first row. Ensure that they are close together. Stretch the rubber band around the second row, holding all of the diapers together. Continue lining up the diapers and making rows until the cardboard circle is full. Stretch the large rubber band around all of the rows, completing the first layer.

Stand a row of rolled diapers on top of the first layer, around the top of the bottle. Wrap a rubber band around the diapers. This is the first row in the second layer. Continue to add rows to the layer. Do not add as many rows as the bottom layer, leaving this layer smaller. Wrap the entire second row with a large rubber band.

Complete a third layer of diapers on top of the second layer. The third, and last, layer is completed exactly as the first two, but is the smallest of the three. It will not wrap around the bottle, but simply sit on top of the second layer. Wrap a large rubber band around the top layer.

Insert the paint stick through the middle of the top layer and into the second layer. Leave approximately half of the stick pointing out of the top of the tower. The stick will hold the two layers together and hold the centerpiece on the tower.

Decorating the Tower

Spread out a receiving blanket on a flat surface. Fold it several times, so that it is long and thin. Hold the folded blanket up to the side of the first layer. Adjust the folds so that the width of the blanket is as tall as the layer. Wrap the blanket around the first layer. Pull it tightly and pin it onto the diaper tower with a diaper pin. Repeat this process to cover the other two layers.

Wrap a strip of ribbon around the center of each layer. This will add decoration and will also help hold the receiving blankets in place. Cut the ribbon and tie a neat bow in the front of the tower.

Add toys and accessories to the tower. Tuck them into the receiving blankets, ribbons or in between diapers. Remove single diapers and replace them with larger baby items such as containers of baby powder or shampoo.

Tightly roll any baby clothing. Remove a diaper and put the clothing back into its place in the diaper tower.

Place the stuffed animal on top of the tower as the centerpiece. A stuffed animal holding a blanket works best, as this will hide the paint stick. Place the blanket of the stuffed animal over the top of the paint stick. To hold a regular stuffed animal on the tower, tie a ribbon around the animal and the paint stick.


  • Color-coordinate the blankets and ribbons for a boy, girl or gender-neutral diaper tower.

    Make a themed diaper tower by using different printed blankets, ribbons and toys.