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How to Make a Day by Day Inspirational Calendar Online

There are times when you need a little boost to brighten your day and lighten your load. An online day by day inspiration calendar can motivate you, make you laugh, lift your spirits, and give you that added edge that will help you achieve your lifetime goals.

There are many calendar templates available, with space for doodling, making notes to yourself, and prioritizing daily tasks. A myriad of choices exist for the inspirational quotes, including humorous, religious, and motivational sites brimming with fun, uplifting daily meditations, cartoons and anecdotes.

Choose a calendar template. You may want a single blank calendar page per day. You can also make half the page motivational, and mark the other half page in 1/2-hour increments for planning activities.

Visit several quote sites and choose the ones that make you think, challenge you to change, or inspire you to action. Highlight the quote; and then hit control-C to copy each quote you like. Hit control-V to paste each quote into a separate calendar page.

Find images that complement your daily quotes. Highlight the image you want by right-clicking on it. Click “Save Image As.” Save one image into each calendar page.

Print each page of your calendar onto three-hole binder paper. Fill your binder with calendar pages. Read one page each day before you begin your day’s work. Apply the principles in the quote throughout the day, as the opportunity arises.

Look at this year’s pages a year from today. Ask yourself what progress you have made in a year. Write down new goals, and the steps you need to take to complete them. Create a new calendar that will help you reach each of those milestones.


The Flickr images in the resources at the end of this article are available under the Creative Commons license. As long as your calendar is for personal use only, you will not be in violation of copyright.


  • If your calendar will be used for fundraising, buy the appropriate image rights or use your own photos. Use only quotes that are in the public domain for any calendar that you intend to sell.
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