How to Make a Custom T-Shirt

A friend or relative’s birthday is coming up and you are all out of ideas as to what to get them. Or perhaps you’re feeling a little artistic or creative and want to have your own graphics on a t-shirt. Making a custom t-shirt is not as impossible or expensive as you think. There are two ways to go about creating your apparel. Either contact a local t-shirt printer/screener or go online and find an apparel manufacturer that allows you to scan in your own pictures and text. Making your own t-shirts is as quick and easy as clicking the keys on your computer. Plus, you will expand your creativity and your gift will be appreciated by the receiving party. A personalized gift is always a good option. And a t-shirt is practical as well. Now combine the two and you have the ideal gift for someone. You can either pick a graphic of something they like or it can involve something with a little more humor.

Go to a t-shirt printing website and select the option to make a custom t-shirt. Then upload the design or picture. You can then enlarge or shrink depending on what kind of t-shirt you get.

Put in your text. You can also upload a graphic or text on to the back of the t-shirt if desired. Hit the view button to see how your t-shirt looks. You can select different colors of t-shirts to go with your picture and text. Or you can always choose white, which goes with everything.

Once you’ve tinkered with your t-shirt and made it to your liking, select checkout. Enter your credit card information and your shipping address.

Print or save digitally a copy of the confirmation of your purchase.

Find a gift box to put your custom made t-shirt in once it arrives. You have successfully made a creative, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift for someone that she will appreciate and use.


Be sure to ask the person’s size before you order. It’s better to know before you order than have to go through the hassle of exchanging it.