How to Make a Country Wreath

Things You'll Need

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Pip berry garland (optional)
  • Rusty metal garland (optional)
  • Artificial berry picks (optional)
  • Metal barn stars (optional)
  • Homespun wreath bow (optional)

You can make a country wreath in your choice of sizes using a variety of Americana, primitive or folk art decorations. By making your own wreath, you can customize the colors, size and decorations you use to match your home. Hang your country wreath on your front door or in your kitchen or living room as part of your country-decorating scheme. Country wreaths combine elements from nature with decorations representing eras from the past.

Purchase a grapevine wreath in the size that you want. Choose a small eight-inch grapevine wreath for indoor decorating or a 14-inch wreath for a front door.

Press one end of a pip berry garland through the grapevine and turn up a one-inch edge so that it catches within the branches to hold it in place. Use red, white and blue pip berries for an Americana style, or browns, reds and oranges for a primitive style. Wrap the berry garland flush with the wreath and around the entire wreath, leaving some of the wreath showing through. Pip berry garlands come in a variety of lengths, but one garland should be enough to wrap around a 14-inch wreath. For smaller wreaths, use mini pip berry garlands.

Wrap metal garland around the wreath. Rusty metal garlands come with a variety of designs, including stars, bells, hearts, and a variety of holiday shapes. Bend the end of the garland to attach to the grapevine, and begin to wrap the garland around the wreath. Avoid wrapping the metal garland too tightly. Wrap with large loops to avoid flattening the berry garland underneath.

Attach artificial berry picks to the wreath using hot glue. Add a drop of hot glue to the tips of the picks and then press the pick through the branches in the grapevine. Place berry bunches in between the garland. Use berries that are smaller or larger than the pip berries for contrast. Use the same or different colors of berries, depending on the season.

Attach one or more metal barn stars to the wreath. You can use rusty finish stars or painted stars, depending on the style you're creating. Attach a large barn star to the inside of the round opening of the wreath with hot glue. Alternatively, purchase a collection of varying sizes to glue around the front of the wreath as embellishments.

Attach a distressed wood sign to the wreath using hot glue. Look for small signs with sayings such as "Home," "Welcome," or "Faith." Alternatively, purchase a small, unfinished sign from a craft store, paint it using acrylic paints and then hand paint or stencil the words on the sign. Distress the sign using sandpaper to remove some of the dried paint around the edges.

Purchase a country bow to attach to the bottom of the wreath. Fabrics for country bows include homespun, calico or checkered prints. Search for a bow to match the color scheme you chose and then attach to the bottom of the wreath with hot glue.


  • Pip berries come in a variety of berry colors, including red, burgundy, orange, cream and brown colors.

    For a lighted wreath, wrap a set of brown wired, silicone lights around the wreath before decorating. Be sure to avoid getting hot glue on the wires when decorating the wreath.


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