How to Make a Costume From a Bullet Proof Vest

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Things You'll Need

  • Collared shirt or T-shirt
  • Slacks, pencil skirt or jeans
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Colored paper
  • Marker
  • Baseball cap
  • Gas mask or goggles
  • Dark makeup
  • Yogurt lid
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Wire hanger
  • Fabric
  • Tape

Bullet proof vests are a lifesaving garment worn by people in many security fields, from police officers to soldiers. If you have a bullet proof vest, create a costume around the piece. There are a variety of costume ideas that can be centered around the bullet proof vest, including those that mimic security professions, as well as outfits inspired by the imagination. Use items from around the house, such as cardboard and markers, to make the costume at home.

Decide what kind of costume you want to create with the bullet proof vest. It can be anything you like, such as a costume that looks scary, humorous or authentic. Follow one of the these suggestions:

Become a police officer by wearing your bullet proof vest with a uniform. Wear a white, long-sleeved shirt under the vest, along with blue or black slacks to dress as a detective. Or wear jeans and a T-shirt to look like an "I-don't-play-by-the-books law enforcement officer." Create a badge from cardboard by cutting it into an egg shape, painting it gold and writing "Police" across it. Tape it onto your bullet proof vest or connect a chain to the badge and dangle it around your neck. If you're looking for added inspiration, become a police officer from a TV drama by watching the show and mimicking the outfit he wears.

Dress as a TSA-representative or a mall security guard with a bulletproof vest. Wear business attire, including a collared shirt, tie and slacks or a pencil skirt. On a plain baseball cap, write "TSA" or "Mall Security" across the front. For the airport position, fashion a metal detector wand by bending a piece of cardboard in half, with the bottom width slightly wider than the top. Paint it black and attach it to a small stick. To add to the mall security costume, wear a fake mustache.

Create a doomsday costume with your bulletproof vest. Wear a camouflage shirt and pants under the vest. Consider ripping holes in the apparel to add a worn-look effect. Accessorize with a gas mask or a pair of goggles that will look like they're protecting you from the harsh environment the world has become. Make your face look dirty by applying dark makeup.

Dress as a bug with your bullet proof vest. Most insects have a hard exoskeleton, which can be recreated with the body cover. Create antennas by pushing two colorful pipe cleaners through a plastic yogurt lid, taping them at the bottom. Cut two small holes for the pipe cleaners in a beanie cap. String the wire through, placing the yogurt lid on the inside of the hat to rest on the top of your head. Adorn with six insect legs made from wire hangers and covered in fabric or construction paper. Attach the legs to the vest with tape.