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How to Make a Cheerios Costume from Glee

Making a Cheerios cheerleading uniform from the hit television show, "Glee," is a creative way to express your love for the show. The Cheerios are the official cheerleading squad for the fictional William McKinley High School. Begin with a short white skirt and small white t-shirt to expedite the process. Rock the outfit with a pair of pompoms in hand to complete the costume and wow your family and friends.

Things You'll Need:

  • Red Felt
  • Measuring Tape
  • Small White Tee Shirt
  • Chalk
  • Hair Tie
  • Small Red And White Pompom (2)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Short White Skirt
  • Capital Letter Stencils (Letters: "W," "M," "H" And "S")
  • Fabric Glue
  • Black Felt

Lay the skirt flat onto a table. Measure the width and length of the front of the skirt. Cut a piece of red felt to match these dimensions. Bond the felt to the front of the skirt with fabric glue.

Cut two 1-inch strips of felt to the length of the skirt. Bond one strip flush against the left side of the red felt with fabric glue. Bond the second strip flush against the right side of the red felt with fabric glue. The skirt is now complete.

Lay the t-shirt flat onto a table. Position the skirt underneath the shirt. Adjust the skirt so it is flush against the bottom hem of the shirt for measurement purposes.

Measure the length of the right side of the shirt from the bottom hem up to the middle of the shirt. Use the rights side of the red felt on the skirt as a starting point and guide.

Cut a piece of red felt to the length in the previous step and the width of the red felt measurement from the skirt. Trim the top of the red felt piece to point upward in a shallow triangular shape.

Glue the red felt into place on the shirt so it is exactly in line with the skirt. Remove the skirt now for use in later steps.

Measure and cut two 1 inch strips of black felt to run from the bottom of the shirt up to the top o the chest. Bond one strip flush against the right side and one against the left side of the felt with fabric glue. Each black felt piece will stretch higher than the red felt.

Cut two 1-inch black felt pieces to match the right and left side length of the triangular top on the red felt piece. Bond each piece flush against the red felt with fabric glue.

Move above the tip of the triangle 2 inches. Repeat the previous step with red felt. You now have two border lines, one black and one red -- centered between the vertical black strips -- centered above the red felt triangular top.

Use the stencils to trace each letter onto red felt. Cut out each letter. Bond the letters to the shirt in-between the black vertical strips in this order: WMHS. Position the letters so they form a narrow triangular shape, similar to the red felt top below.

Measure the dimensions of each letter. Cut 1/2-inch pieces of black felt to these dimensions. Bond the black felt pieces to the outside of each letter to act as a border.

Move up 1 inch above the top of the letters. Measure and cut a black felt triangle to the width of the chest and up to the neck line of the shirt. Bond the black triangle to the shirt at this place on the shirt.

Measure the dimensions of the black triangle. Cut 1/2-inch pieces of red felt to these dimensions. Bond the red felt pieces to the outside of the triangle to act as a border.

Measure cut two 1/2-inch by 4-inich pieces of black felt and two 1/2-inch by 4-inch pieces of red felt. Position two pieces, one red and one black, so they are parallel with the collar on the right side of the shirt. Adjust each piece so there is 1 inch of space in between the two and the red piece closest to the collar. Bond one black and red piece just under the right side of the shirt collar.

Repeat the previous step for the remaining two pieces on the left side of the collar.

Put on the skirt and shirt. Pull and secure your hair back behind your head with a hair tie. Pick up your pompoms and you are ready to go.

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