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How to Make a Silvermist Costume

Water fairy Silvermist is a close friend of Tinkerbell, the fairy in the tales of Peter Pan. She is a sweet little character who is never afraid to come to the aid of her friends. Silvermist wears a one-shoulder blue dress and has glossy black hair and wings that are similar to Tinkerbell's. A Silvermist costume would be fun to wear to a Disney or fairy-themed fancy dress party and is suitable for both adults and children.

Things You'll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Pale Blue Card Stock, 30 Inches By 30 Inches
  • Silver Tulle Fabric, 8 Feet By 2 Feet
  • Needle
  • Pencil
  • Long Black Wig
  • Pale Blue Fabric, 8 Feet By 2 Feet
  • Glue
  • 2 Pieces Silver Tulle, 30 Inches By 30 Inches
  • Pale Blue Ribbon, 2 Inches By 5 Feet
  • Thread
  • Pale Blue Or Silver Ballet Pumps

Buy a pair of pale blue or silver ballet pumps from a fashion or shoe store if you don't have a pair.

Fold the 8-foot by 2-foot pale blue fabric in half lengthwise so it is 4 feet by 2 feet. Lay it on your work space so the 2-foot edges are the top and bottom and the 4-foot edges are the left and right. The folded-over edge is the top edge.

Draw a small mark on the top edge 4 inches from the left-hand edge. Draw a small mark on the right-hand edge 10 inches down from the top edge. Draw a straight line between these two points. Cut both sides of the folded-over fabric along this line and discard the two triangles of fabric.

Sew together the two right-hand edges using the backstitch -- sew from the very bottom of the fabric up to where you drew the 10-inch mark in Step 2. Make a mark on the left-hand edge of the fabric 10 inches from the top. Sew together the two left edges of fabric using the backstitch until you reach the bottom of the fabric. Turn the fabric inside out to hide the rough edges, pencil marks and sewing. You have made a pale blue one-shoulder dress.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the 8-foot by 2-foot silver tulle fabric to create an identical one-shoulder dress that is silver.

Wear the pale blue one-shoulder dress, then pull on the silver tulle one over the top. Both dresses should have the one shoulder on your right shoulder. Wrap the 5-foot by 2-inch pale blue ribbon around your waist and pull it tight to gather in your dress, then fasten it in a knot. Let any extra ribbon hang down.

Draw a large pair of wings on the 30-inch by 30-inch pale blue card stock. Look at pictures of Silvermist and fairies online for an idea of the shape. Use as much of the card as you can so the wings are nice and big.

Place the card wings on top of one of the 30-inch by 30-inch pieces of silver tulle fabric and draw a pair of identical wings using the card as a template. Paste a tiny amount of glue around the edges of the card wings and stick the tulle wings on top. Repeat with the other piece of 30-inch by 30-inch silver tulle fabric to stick the silver tulle wings on the other side of the card. Fold the wings down the middle. Put some glue in the center of the fold and attach them to the center of the back of your dress.

Wear your long black wig and ballet pumps.


You could dye a white pair of ballet pumps blue or silver.

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