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How to Make a Carnival Balloon Dart Board

This dartboard game provides a challenge for all ages.
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Throwing a dart at a balloon is a classic carnival game that tests the aim and patience of the player. Setting up a dartboard for the game is as simple as the concept of the game itself. All the materials required to set up the dartboard can be purchased at an office supply store. The game can be ready to play in under an hour once all the materials have been purchased.

Things You'll Need:

  • Straight Pins Or Tacks
  • Balloons
  • Cork Board Or Pegboard

Select a piece of cork board or pegboard which is large enough to suit your needs. Office supply stores sell different sizes of framed cork boards which as of 2011 cost around $20. Pegboard is available in a variety of sizes at home supply stores. If one board is not large enough, purchase two that can be stacked or placed side by side to achieve the size you desire.

Blow up the balloons until they are only partially full. The balloons are only partially blown up so that the dart has to hit them square for them to explode. Blow up enough balloons to fill the dartboard.

Attach the top row of balloons to the dartboard, using straight pins or tacks. Push the pin or tack through the nozzle so that it does not pop the balloon. Ensure that the inflated portion hangs straight down. Place the balloons at least a balloon's width apart — so that another balloon can fit between the two hanging balloons.

Attach the second row of balloons so that these balloons hang beneath the open space of the row above it. This creates an alternating pattern in the balloons and keeps all the balloons from hanging in a straight line.

Continue adding rows of balloons to the dartboard, alternating the position of the balloons on each row.


Keep extra straight pins and tacks available as these may get lost when the balloons explode.

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