How to Make a Canadian Mountie Costume for a Child

saddled mongolian horse image by Mike & Valerie Miller from

Things You'll Need

  • Red long-sleeved cotton T-shirt
  • 6 gold buttons
  • Black long sleeved, cotton T-shirt
  • White or yellow 2-inch ribbon
  • Black slacks
  • Black leather boots
  • Brown or black cowboy hat

If your looking for a great last-minute costume for your child, then "Stop in the name of the law!" Whether you're making a costume for trick-or-treating or for a school costume party, a Canadian Mountie costume is a cute, inexpensive costume to make on short notice. With just a few items out of your child's closet, you can transform your child into a Canadian Mounted Police Authority.

Cut the sleeves of an red, long-sleeved cotton T-shirt to ¾ length. Cut sleeves at an angle from the elbow to middle of the forearm. Cut a 4-inch section out of the collar. Add four gold buttons down the center of the shirt to give it the appearance of a jacket. Add two gold buttons to the sleeves of black long sleeved T-shirt. Layer the red shirt over the black shirt.

Stitch a 2-inch wide strip of leather to the right shoulder of the red T-shirt at the seam. A leather belt would suffice if a leather strips are not available. Stretch the leather across the chest and stitch at the waist line on the left side of the T-shirt.

Stitch a 2-inch strip of white or yellow ribbon to both outer seams of a pair of black slacks.

Add a black leather belt worn over the red T-shirt to the costume. Finish with a black or brown cowboy hat and a black pair of leather boots with the slacks tucked down into the boots.