How to Make a Bible Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Old wallpaper
  • Tape or glue

Keep your Bible in good shape by crafting a cover to protect its exterior. This is especially important for leather-bound Bibles or ones given as special gifts. Those with experience using a sewing machine or needle and thread can quilt assorted fabric covers, though paper covers work just as effectively. Create a paper book cover for your Bible and other books using a variety of paper materials including the standard brown paper bag or sections of old wallpaper.

Open your Bible and place it on a large piece of old wallpaper. Use scissors to cut the paper around the Bible. Do not cut close the the actual book. Leave 4 or 5 inches of space for folding the wallpaper inward to create the cover.

Close the Bible and the wallpaper around it to fit the paper around the book and to pinpoint the "binding" area of the paper. Make "V" cuts on the top and bottom of the binding area and fold the paper into the front and back cover. This is accomplished by folding the horizontal top and bottom pieces first, then folding the lengthwise outer section on top of the other folded sections. Practice opening and closing the Bible before taping the cover to ensure it fits the book comfortably.

Tape or glue the edges together inside the Bible cover. Avoid taping the actual Bible cover. Do not tape or glue the paper too tightly, which can interfere with the Bible cover.


  • Decorate the cover with scrap fabric if desired, or sew pieces of scrap fabric together to fashion another Bible cover.