How to Make a Beaded Box

How to Make a Beaded Box. People who work with beads find the experience rewarding and challenging. Creating new patterns for projects involves an artistic flare. Working with beads is a meticulous and slow craft. The finished beaded craft project makes all the painstaking effort worthwhile. Read on to learn how to make a beaded box.

Cut a piece of string approximately a yard long. Tie four green beads in the middle of the string. Tie off the beginning and end of the string at as close to the beads as possible.

Thread one green bead and one red bead on each string repeatedly three times. After the third time, add three green beads on the bottom string. Crisscross each thread of the stringed bead repeatedly.

Continue the process with the second row. Crisscross each thread of the bead with the bead from the row before.

Coordinate each thread of the bead with the crisscross stitch with the row before to complete 19 rows of beads.

Arrange the 19 rows of square threaded beads so that they can be joined top to bottom. You have now formed a four-sided cube--this is the twentieth row.

Add one green bead to the outer string and pass it through the mirror bead on the bottom. Repeat this process until the beaded box is completed.

Make a lid for the box with wire and the red beads. Hide any extra wire underneath the lid.


Always remember to pull tight on every crisscross step. Make sure after completing the first step that the length of string at the end of the beads is the same length. Each cube should have five rows of squares.


Do not leave sharp edges on the wire for the lid construction.

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