How to Learn the Casio Keyboard

keyboard image by Vasiliy Koval from

Things You'll Need

  • Casio keyboard
  • Casio keyboard manual

With hundreds of tones, rhythms and digital effects, instruments in the 61-key Lighted Key and Portable Casio keyboard series offer affordable ways for any member of the family to learn how to play. The Casio LK and CTK keyboards include USB ports for MIDI, inputs for headphones and microphones, and the Step Up lesson system. The system, which can be used with any song in the keyboard's song bank, breaks songs into multiple short phrases. Once you learn each phrase, you will be able to put them all together and play songs without difficulty.

Press "Song Bank" and use the number pad's up or down arrows to scroll through each song to select the tune you want to learn. Alternatively, enter the 3-digit song number of the desired piece on the number pad.

Press "Next" in the row of Step Up Lesson buttons until the first phrase of the song displays on the screen.

Push "FF" to forward through the song until you reach the part that you want to practice.

Touch the "Part Select" button to switch between the left and right hand lessons, or to play with both hands.

Press and hold "Song Bank" for a couple of seconds until the same tone as the chosen song displays on the screen.

Press "Listen" to begin the first lesson. The phrase will play through a few times as an example of how it should be played.

Press "Watch" to begin the second lesson. A key will light up and flash on LK models; on CTK keyboards, the display indicates the first key of the phrase. A voice guide will tell you which finger to use to press the key.

Touch the indicated key and wait until the next key flashes on the keyboard or on the display and the voice guide tells you which finger to use. If you play each note correctly, the melody will continue. When you reach the end of the phrase, a score will appear on the screen.

Press "Remember" to begin the third and final lesson. The song will pause and wait for you to press each key and the correct note will sound, but the LK keys will not light up and the digital display will not guide you.

Press "Part Select" followed by "Start/Stop" to end the final phrase. This will take you to the beginning of the song and the keyboard will grade you on your performance from start to finish.


  • Press "Start/Stop" after each lesson to move on to the next phrase. Auto Step Up Lessons advance to the next lesson and phrase even if you did not pass the previous lesson.