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How to Become a Piano Virtuoso

The world's virtuosos practice daily for long hours.
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Becoming a piano virtuoso is easier than most people think. The reason why most people do not become virtuosos is simply a lack of dedication. To be a virtuoso, you must take lessons and practice several hours each day. There are no shortcuts for pianists who want to become virtuosos, but certain techniques exist that, practiced daily, will improve and expand your technique. Most importantly, remember that anyone can improve his or her piano technique. Rather than competing with other pianists, always compete with yourself. That way you will always improve.

Things You'll Need:

  • Piano Exercises
  • Metronome

Develop finger independence by placing all five fingers of the right hand on the piano. Place your thumb on middle C and the remaining fingers on D, E, F and G. Slowly press down the thumb without moving any other finger. Then press the index finger down in the same manner. Do this for each finger and switch hands.

Play all major and minor scales daily. Use a metronome to slowly increase the speed at which you can play your scales. Start slowly and aim to increase the speed that you play your scales by two beats per minute each week.

Play major and minor arpeggios throughout the entire piano. Start on the lowest C first and play major thirds, followed by minor thirds. Then repeat this pattern on C-sharp and D.

Play finger exercises on a daily basis to increase your dexterity and ability to play quickly.

Practice increasingly difficult music each week. Practice a piece until you have learned to play it perfectly. Once learned, memorize the piece and then move on to a new piece. There are hundreds of pieces a virtuoso pianist should learn to play from memory.


Find a private instructor at a local university, college or music store. The best way to develop is with someone with more experience than yourself.

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