How to Join Alabama's State Dance Line

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Things You'll Need

  • Two-piece dance outfit
  • Dance shoes
  • White sports bra
  • Black shorts
  • Skin-tone stockings

Alabama State University is located in Montgomery and has an enrollment of 5,600, as of 2010. The Alabama State dance line group is called the Stingettes. The Stingettes dance at halftime of Alabama State football and basketball games. To join the dance line, you must be a full-time student at Alabama State and live on campus.

Get accepted into Alabama State University. Apply for on-campus housing.

Determine the date of the next Stingettes audition. Auditions are usually held in the beginning of August shortly before the fall semester, or in January before the spring semester.


Register the day of the auditions in the university's music building.


Audition wearing a two-piece dance outfit, dance shoes, makeup and with your hair done.


Audition again, if you make the first cut, wearing the same attire.


Audition in the third and final round if you make the second cut. Wear black shorts, a white sports bra, skin-tone stockings and dance shoes for this audition.



  • Dance is a strenuous physical activity. Consult your doctor before trying out for the Alabama State dance line team.


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