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How to Iron Fun Fusion Beads

Fun Fusion Beads from Perler allow kids to create art projects using small plastic beads that are placed on a peg grid to form a pattern. Once the kids finish their masterpiece, you will need to iron the beads so they melt together. The ironing portion of this project should always be completed with adult supervision.

Things You'll Need:

  • Fun Fusion Ironing Paper
  • Iron
  • Fun Fusion Beads

Preheat the iron to medium heat before you begin your project. You do not want the steam setting turned on for this project; the heat needs to be dry.

Create your Fun Fusion design by placing colored beads on the pegged template. Make sure all of the beads are straight to prevent an uneven finish.

Before ironing, look at the project one more time to make sure you don't want to make any changes. Then take the Fun Fusion pegboard to the iron, making sure you do not tip it.

Place the Fun Fusion Iron Paper over your project. This paper is designed to protect the iron from the melting plastic.

Place the preheated iron on top of the paper. Carefully move the iron across the project to ensure even heating.

Check your project after 10 seconds. If the beads have fused together, you can remove the ironing paper (do not throw the paper away; it is reusable). If not, heat for another 10 seconds before removing the paper.

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