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How to Avoid Air Bubbles in Homemade Candles

Lavender candles on wood table.

Making homemade candles is a great interactive project in which the whole family can participate. Not to mention they make inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts for birthdays or holidays. Well if you've been making your own candles, but are having trouble with those darn air bubbles, don't fret. Here are some tips on how you can avoid air bubbles in your homemade candles.

Pour the heated wax into your molds very slowly. When you pour the wax too fast, the wax doesn't have time to properly settle in the mold. So when more wax comes on top of it, little air bubbles are created.

Place your molds at an angle. Depending on the candle shape, this may not always be attainable, but pouring at an angle (still slowly) also helps solve the problem of sudden air pockets.

Insert a metal or wooden skewer into the candle mold as you pour. Slowly stir the wax around the outer edge of the mold and the candle wick as well. This will release the air bubbles in your candles.

Things You'll Need:

  • Candle wax ready to pour
  • Candle molds


Turn a birthday party for one of your children into a candle making party. Offer several different colors and molds. Have the kids make their candles at the start, then cool during the party, and they can take them home at the end.


  • Remember that candle wax is hot. Provide gloves for people if you are having a party. That way any splattering wax won't burn them.
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