How to Create Freezer Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Sheets of scrap printer paper
  • Thin plastic shopping bags
  • Scrap piece of cotton fabric
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Scissors

Freezer paper is great for making your own stencils to use on clothing and crafts. Rather than purchase a roll of freezer paper, a more economical and eco-friendly solution is to make your own.

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Set your iron to the "Cotton Blends" or "Medium" setting.

Lay one piece of scrap paper on your ironing board.

Take one thin plastic shopping bag and lay it on top of the scrap paper, then smooth it flat with your hand.

Lay the piece of cotton fabric on top of the layers of scrap paper and plastic bag.

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Place your iron directly in the center of the layers. Iron the layers together by sliding your iron slowly from the center out to the edges of the fabric. Be sure the scrap piece of fabric completely covers the plastic bag or it will melt on your iron.

Completely iron the area of fabric that is over the scrap paper and plastic bag.

Let cool for a few seconds.

Peel the fabric away from the paper. The plastic bag will have adhered to the paper.

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Cut around the edge of the paper to remove the excess plastic.

Inspect your homemade freezer paper for holes.
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Inspect the plastic bag side of your new sheet of freezer paper for small holes which may have happened during the melting process. If you find any holes, just take a small piece of the scrap of plastic bag you just cut off, layer it over the holes, cover with your scrap fabric and iron that area again.

Create your own unique stencil shapes.
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Use your homemade freezer paper. Draw and cut your shape out of the freezer paper to create your stencil and just iron it onto your fabric or piece of clothing and paint.