How to Make a Printed Clay Trivet

In your kitchen, there are items that are often overlooked when used on a daily basis. Having somewhere to place hot items is a necessity, but can also offer an opportunity to add something decorative and seasonal to your home. A great way to add a theme is through texture and prints. These clay trivets can be customized in any way you like, for any time of the year, using items you can find around the house or craft stamps. It couldn't be easier!

Shape the Trivet

Roll out the clay to a quarter-inch thickness.

Take a plate or bowl the size of the trivet you want and place it over the clay. Use a tool or knife to cut through the clay around the circle.

Add Print to the Trivet

Prepare the clay for printing by smoothing it over using a wet sponge.

Take the texture or shape you want to recreate and press it into the clay. Be firm to create a clear indent. You can always smooth out any mistakes.

Continue to imprint the design over the clay. Play with shapes and composition to create different effects. If you want to be able to hang them use a straw to create a hole half and inch in from the edge.

Allow Clay to Harden

Leave trivets made with air clay out for 24 to 48 hours until dry.

Smooth Edges

Sand the edges smooth using a fine sand paper. Thread parcel string through the holes and tie in a loop, if desired.

About the Author

Francesca Stone writes the DIY/Crafts blog Fall For DIY, a place to explore her hands on side and her lifelong love of making. Her work has been published in many magazines such as Mollie Makes and on Design*Sponge and Apartment Therapy. Stone also has a Bachelor of the Arts in textile design.