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How to Fix Wrinkled Paper

You can turn a crumpled wad into a smooth piece of paper.
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Perhaps you crumpled a piece of paper you mistakenly thought was trash, and now you need to fix it. Or maybe an important document became ravaged and wrinkled after being tossed about with the countless items in the back seat of your car. Whatever the reason for the wrinkled paper, you can implement some damage control to get rid of the wrinkles and restore the paper back to its original appearance.

Things You'll Need:

  • Two thin towels
  • Spray bottle filled with plain water
  • Iron
  • Flat surface


Some types of paper will respond better than others to this method. Vary the heat intensity to produce the desired results.


  • If the paper has writing on it from an ink pen or non-waterproof marker, the ink may run if the paper gets wet. In this case, try ironing the paper without wetting it. Don't get the paper too wet or it may tear.

Spritz both sides of the wrinkled paper with plain water from a spray bottle.

Place the paper between two towels. The towels will help prevent the paper from scorching. Place everything onto a flat surface.

Set an iron on a medium-high setting or a setting high enough that the heat can penetrate the towels.

Iron the outside of one towel. Flip the entire package over and iron the other towel. Remove the towels and inspect the paper. If the paper is completely dry but still contains wrinkles, spritz it with more water before replacing the towels. If it's damp, but still wrinkled, place it back between the towels and increase the iron's temperature level.

Iron the towels once more before checking the paper for wrinkles. Repeat the spritzing, and iron as many times as needed to get rid of the wrinkles.

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