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How to Import "Guitar Hero" Songs

You can easily import the songs from older "Guitar Hero" games that you have owned into "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" for Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360; as long as you have your Unique Owner ID for the games you wish to import, you have the opportunity to add entire collections of songs to enhance your experience within "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock." While the game does charge an import fee to add older song lists -- the fee varies depending on your console and what game you want to import -- you'll have access to the songs you enjoyed in previous "Guitar Hero" games all in one place at a fraction of the cost of the original games.

Things You'll Need:

  • "Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock" Game Disc
  • Official Game Manual For Any Applicable "Guitar Hero" Game You Wish To Import

Select "Shop" from the "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" main menu.

Select "Special Offers" from the Shop menu.

Select the game you wish to import -- for example, "Guitar Hero: Metallica." If desired, select "View Song List" when you have a particular game highlighted to see exactly which songs are included in the download. You cannot download individual songs from the song list, only the entire song list.

Enter your 20-digit Unique Owner ID. Look on the back of the official game manual for the "Guitar Hero" game you want to import to find your ID.

Download your song list and repeat the process for any other games you wish to import.


  • As of August 2013, the "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" shop only offers song lists from select "Guitar Hero" games. Furthermore, the available song list for each game may vary depending on which console you are using. After you register a game's Unique Owner ID to import that particular game's song list, you will not be able to use the ID to import that song list for any additional "Guitar Hero" profiles in future.
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