How to Hold Wheelbarrow Races

By Hobbies, Games & Toys Editor
Hold Wheelbarrow Races

How to Hold Wheelbarrow Races. Players team up to race as human wheelbarrows in this fun party game.

Understand that this game is called the wheelbarrow race because the team looks like a person pushing a wheelbarrow.

Mark start and finish lines.

Tell players to choose a partner.

Line players up at the starting line.

Explain that one partner must face the finish line, bend over, and place his or her hands on the ground.

Tell the other player to stand behind his or her partner, reach down, and grab the partner's legs, placing the legs around his or her waist and holding on to them.

Direct the teams to "walk" to the finish line this way, with the first player walking on his or her hands and the second player following behind holding up the legs.

Have the players start at the same time.

Declare the first team that makes it completely over the finish line the winners.


This game, which is for old and young alike, is fun at family reunions and church picnics.