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How to Get the Black Wings Hat in "MapleStory"

The hat gives +30 Magic Defense and +30 Weapons Defense.
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In "MapleStory," the Black Wings Hat is a wearable item used to complete the Black Wings questline in Edelstein. The Black Wings are a mysterious organization seeking to resurrect their fallen leader, among other nefarious things. You must infiltrate the Black Wings to discover their true purpose. The Black Wings Hat serves as your disguise during the quest progression. You must be at least Level 60, but any class or character may acquire the Black Wings Hat.

Things You'll Need:

  • 100,000 Mesos
  • Level 60 Character

Travel to Edelstein. From the center tree in Victoria Island, climb the rope taking you to the Edelstein ship dock and board the ship.

Walk to "Dry Road: Road to the Mine 1." The Dry Road portal is located at the bottom of the Edelstein map. Look for the portal near the rocks.

Speak to the NPC Stephan, who is located on a platform near the top of the map. Stephan is a Black Wings Watchman offering you a way into the mine. He offers you the "Secret Proposition" quest if you are Level 60 or higher.

Accept the "Secret Proposition" quest. He "proposes" to sneak you into the mine with a clever disguise only he can provide for you. Speak to Stephan again to "accept" his proposition and complete the quest. You receive 115 experience for completing the quest.

Speak to Stephan once more to begin the "Purchasing a Disguise" quest. He tells you he wants 100,000 mesos for a Black Wings Hat. The price is steep, but it is the only way to continue the Black Wings storyline.

Complete the quest by speaking to Stephan a final time. He gives you the hat in exchange for your mesos. He also laughs at your expense upon the conclusion of your exchange.

Equip the hat from your inventory. You can now enter the gate of the Black Wings hideout to continue the quest progression, or simply wear the hat for a boost in Magic and Weapon defense.


You can purchase an unlimited number of Black Wings Hats from Stephan.

The Black Wings Hat is a Level 0 item, so it is wearable by anyone.

To enter the Black Wings hideout, talk to Von at the Mine Entrance for the "Another Method" quest.


  • There are no upgrades available for the Black Wings Hat. The hat cannot be sold or traded in the game.
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