How to Get Free Movie Tickets

How to Get Free Movie Tickets. Hot buttered popcorn, a box of candy and a good movie are the ingredients for a fun time. The only thing that could make it better is for the movie ticket to be free. With a little effort and creativity, that free ticket could be a reality. As for the bucket of popcorn and the box of candy, well you're on your own.

Check official movie websites for upcoming movies for advanced screenings and chances to win tickets. Advanced screenings are offered to promote the movie, raise awareness and help spread the word about it.

Sign-up online for tickets to advanced screenings. There are many websites online, including Volition Movie Tix, Film Metro and Free Movie Screenings (see links in Resources). These sites have a limited number of tickets, given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Results will vary based on the region of the country you're in. Your movie selection will also be limited to those the movie production companies choose to promote.

Complete online marketing offers from different sponsors. Websites such as "I Want Free Movie Tickets" and "Free Movie Premier Tickets" send you free tickets when you complete certain offers from different company's products and services. The sponsors pay for the tickets. When you fulfill the required obligation, the website sends you the free tickets. Examples of companies include auction sites, universities, satellite companies and alarm companies.

Establish a special email address for the unsolicited spam that's sure to follow after you sign up for free movie tickets, because correct personal information is required to get your tickets. Once you divulge your address and phone number, you could be subjected to telemarketing calls also.

Read the entertainment and metro sections of the newspaper. Frequently, passes for advanced screenings are advertised in these sections. Listen to radio stations for the chance to win passes.

Look for opportunities in every area of your life. The organizations you belong to may offer free tickets to certain movies to its members. Teachers, for instance, are often offered tickets to education-themed movies. Businesses of all sorts use movie tickets for promotions. Check-out car dealerships, store grand-openings and real estate open houses in new neighborhoods.


Choose to "opt out" of future offers if you don't want to be bothered by solicitations from other businesses. Sometimes it's better just to pay for your movie tickets.

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