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How to Get a PS2 Steering Wheel to Work on a PS3

Some Sony PlayStation 2, or PS2, steering wheel controllers are also supported for use on the PlayStation 3 -- PS3 -- console. The specifications for the FS17076 and the FS18085, for example, indicate that both video game controller steering wheels are compatible with the PS2 and the PS3. Not all PS2 steering wheels, however, are directly compatible with the PS3. Some steering wheel models do not have a USB connector and therefore need to be connected to an adapter in order to work with the PS3. You can generally purchase a PS2 to PS3 adapter for under $10.

Assemble the steering wheel as outlined in the device's manual.

Turn on the PS3.

Insert the adapter’s USB plug into an unused USB port on the PS3.

Connect the PS2 steering wheel’s plug to the controller port on the adapter.

Load a driving game on the PS3. Press the "PS" button on the PS3 controller. Select "Controller Settings" from the menu. Select "Reassign the Controller." Reassign the PS3 SIXAXIS controller to a port that doesn't conflict with the port the steering wheel is using. Save your settings.

Attempt to use the steering wheel with the game. Even with the adapter, the PS2 steering wheel may not be compatible with all PS3 games. Test all of the steering wheel functions with the game to see how they perform.

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