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How to Hook Up a Thrustmaster to a PS3

Thrustmaster is a brand division of the Guillemot Corporation that designs and markets several different accessory devices for popular console gaming platforms and PC-compatible computers. Certain Thrustmaster products, such as joysticks, game pads and steering/pedal controls, may feature support and connection options for the PS3, PlayStation 2 and other computer systems. Connecting your Thrustmaster product to a PS3 game console only requires a couple of minutes to complete.

Steering Wheel With Pedal Controls

Secure the steering wheel to the end of a suitable table or desk, using the bottom-mounted vise mechanism.

Connect the data cable from the pedal control unit to the corresponding port located at the rear of the steering wheel.

Connect the power supply cable to the steering wheel's “DC IN” port, located at the rear. Connect the supplied power cable to the rear of the rectangular-shaped power supply.

Connect the USB cable from the steering wheel unit to the first USB port on the PS3.

Connect the power cord to a suitable wall outlet to finish the connection process.

Wireless Controllers

Remove the battery compartment lid, located at the rear of the controller. Insert two fully charged AAA batteries into the controller and replace the compartment lid.

Examine the USB adapter and set the system switch to the “PS3” option.

Connect the USB adapter to the first USB port on the PS3.

Turn on the PS3 and slide the “POWER” switch to the “ON” position. Wait for the two LEDs on the game controller to light solid before use.

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