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How to Get a Netflix Activation Code for the PS3

When Netflix first became available for the PlayStation 3 console, you needed to order an activation disc to use it; once you inserted the disc in to your PlayStation 3, you were presented with an activation code. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case, and you can simply download the application and activate it without a disc. The activation code still appears, but you’ll need to launch the Netflix application after downloading it to view the code.

Turn on your PlayStation 3. Sign in to the PlayStation Network with your PlayStation Network username and password. Once you successfully sign in, the sign in screen will disappear and the “PlayStation Network” screen will appear.

Move down with your analog stick to “What’s New” and press “X.” You should see a red “Netflix Instant Streaming” picture. Click the picture. Confirm your download; Netflix will automatically download and install to your PS3. If you cannot locate the Netflix application in the “What’s New” menu, open the “PlayStation Store.”

Launch the Netflix application once your PS3 console indicates it has been successfully installed. You can find the application under “Video.” Once you open the application, an activation code will appear.

Go to Netflix's activation webpage on your computer (see Resources). Enter the code you see on your TV screen into the box beside the yellow "Activate Now" button on the webpage. Click the button. Netflix will confirm your PlayStation 3 is now activated.

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