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How to Get a Fairchild TV Signal Through the Internet

By integrating with your home high-speed Internet connection, Slingboxes provide an excellent means of expanding the capabilities of your home cable TV service. Software SlingPlayers install onto your computer and encode a digital cable TV signal so that it can be transmitted over the Internet, thereby giving users the ability to control their cable service remotely when away from home. Using a Slingbox can be an easy solution for tuning in a specialty cable TV channel, such as Fairchild TV, based in China, when a direct subscription to that channel is not available through the cable provider.

Install the Slingbox on a cable TV connection that is subscribed to Fairchild TV. This may be a bit difficult outside China, but some satellite providers and terrestrial cable providers provide subscriptions to European, Asian and South American TV broadcasts at an extra charge. Once you locate a cable provider, connect the coaxial cable associated with that cable service to the coaxial cable input on the Slingbox.

Attach the Ethernet cable from the Slingbox's Ethernet port to your Internet network. The most common way of doing this is to attach the cable to one of the numbered Ethernet WAN ports on a wireless or wired router. Once this is connected, reset the network by unplugging the power cords of all modems and networking devices for 30 seconds and plugging them all back in.

Access the SlingPlayer software to watch Fairchild TV over the Internet connection. From any computer that is capable of accessing the Internet network to which the Slingbox is connected, you can tune in the Fairchild TV and watch it on the computer monitor, meaning you have successfully configured your Fairchild TV cable channel signal to be sent over the Internet.

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