How to Fold an Origami Ladybug

By braniac ; Updated September 15, 2017
Fold an Origami Ladybug

This cute wiggily bug will wiggle on your hand.

If paper is colored on one side only, begin with white side up. Fold corner to corner.

Notice the tips of the paper don't meet at the bottom; the ladybug shows through

Fold the outside corners down, but leave a gap in between. See picture.

Form the head by folding the top down and then back again, in a pleat.

Round the body by folding back the two outside corners and the corner under the wings. You'll have small triangles at the sides and the tail on the underside of the bug. If you like, you can tuck them in between the main layers of paper. This gives a neater look preferred by paperfolders. It's called reverse folding.

Make the ladybug three dimensional. Fold the body in half. Then open it again until it is not quite flat.

Add spots to it with a marker if you wish. Finished ladybug.


Place the ladybug on your hand. When you move your hand the ladybug wiggles. Make up a story about your wiggily bug and tell it to a friend.