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How to Fake a Nose Piercing on a Picture

Add some edge to a photo by faking a nose piercing.
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Whether you're trying to pull a gag on your parents or simply want to see what you'd look like with an additional facial feature, you might want to make it appear you have a nose piercing in a picture. You have a few options when pulling off this illusions, some of which are fashioned before the photo is taken, and others after it's been snapped. Design the fake nose piercing wherever you choose on your nose, including on the nostril or septum.

Things You'll Need:

  • Gem
  • Fake Nose Ring
  • Adhesive
  • Marker
  • Photo Editing Program
  • Computer

Decide what style of nose piercing you want to appear to be wearing in this picture. There are a variety of nose piercings, including rings and studs. Select one that fits your personality, and try one of these techniques:

Buy a small gem that you can attach to your nostril as a nose stud. Craft stores offer an array of glitter, sequins and beads, so select one that matches your outfit or style. Place a small dab of adhesive to the back and stick the dot on your nose. Wear it while the photo is being taken.

Buy a fake nose ring. These specially designed jewelry pieces are made to look just like real nose rings without needing an actual pierced hole. Stretch the ring's opening wide enough to fit it around your nostril or septum. Gently squeeze it in place, without pinching your skin too tightly.

Draw a dot on your nose with a washable marker to make it appear as though you have a nose stud, especially if the picture won't be a close up. Use a black or metallic marker and make a tiny dab on the side of your nostril. The mark will look like a nose stud in the photograph.

Use a computer program to digitally add a nose piercing to your face after the picture is taken. Scan the image onto the computer or digitally upload the image. Open it with a photo editing program. Create a metal-colored dot on the nostril or a crescent shape around it as a nose ring. Save a new copy of the image that includes you added nose piercing.

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