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How to Take out a Seamless Nose Hoop

Seamless rings, also known as segment rings, are frequently worn in nostril, septum, eyebrow, lip and nipple piercings. Seamless rings work similarly to captive bead rings, in that they are C-shaped and use tension to hold the ring closure in place. Unlike bead rings, segment rings give the appearance of a continuous hoop that moves freely through the piercing. A tool called ring expanding pliers allows you to pop out the closing segment without bending the ring.

Rotate your jewelry, so that the closure segment is on the outside of the piercing.

Insert the tip of the ring expanding pliers into the middle of your seamless ring.

Grasp the closing segment with your thumb and forefinger.

Push the handles of the ring expanding pliers together gently, until the segment comes loose and you can pull it out of the ring.

Rotate the jewelry, until the opening comes out of your piercing. Pull downward to remove the segment ring from your nose.


  • Never attempt to remove jewelry yourself, if your piercing is not completely healed. Visit a professional piercer whose ring expanding pliers are autoclave sterilized to avoid introducing bacteria into your piercing.
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