How to Factory Reset a PS3 Controller

The DualShock 3 and Sixaxis are the two official, wireless PS3 controllers. If you frequently use a controller on more than one PS3 system, it may start to have problems properly synchronizing, resulting in frequent signal drops and other inconsistencies in performance. Located on the back of both controller models is a small reset button that, when pressed, returns the controller to its factory state and will fix any performance issues.

Press the "PS" button on the center of the controller to turn it on. Find the small reset button to the right of the "L2" button.

Push the paper-clip onto the reset button to press it. Connect the controller to the supplied USB cable and connected the opposite end of the USB cable into either USB port on the front of the PS3.


Press the "PS" button on the center of the controller to synchronize it again.


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