How to Enjoy a Drive-In Movie Theater

How to Enjoy a Drive-In Movie Theater. Drive-in movie theaters used to be the rage of the fifties and sixties but they still exist in every U.S. state to this day. They might be hard to find but they are worth the trip and the time, if only for nostalgic reasons. With indoor movie theater's high ticket costs and outrageous concession stand prices, you will find drive-ins to be a bargain as well as a novelty. So pack up the blanket and head to the great outdoors.

Locate a drive-in movie theater in your area. Call to determine the current movies playing and the time the movies start, which is always after nightfall.

Get specific directions if you have not been to the drive-in theater before. Drive-ins are typically in remote locations and often hard to find.

Pack chairs or a blanket to sit on. You can watch the movie from the inside of your car but often it is more fun to sit outside of the vehicle. If your back seat pulls out, you can use that as well.

Bring a portable radio and extra batteries. Most drive-ins now transmit through an AM or FM radio station, rather than speaker boxes. You don't want to run down the batteries in your car or smell the exhaust fumes by keeping your car running.

Include some snacks. Pop some popcorn and store in a large paper bag. Bring a cooler filled with water or soda.

Take some extra money for the concession stand. The prices are remarkably reasonable and it adds to the fun of the drive-in, especially at intermission. It is also a great solution for those hard to transport treats like ice cream or shakes.

Throw a blanket in the car as well. It gets chilly when the sun sets and it is nice to cuddle while watching the movie.

Pack bug spray as well. Since drive-ins are often more rural, there are more bugs.

Enjoy the show.


Back your vehicle into the parking space. You can use the back hatch of a SUV or truck as a place to sit. It also makes it easier to load and unload. Most drive-ins play the first movie a second time after the two shows finish. Plan to stay and watch it again or just arrive late.


Most drive-ins will not allow alcoholic beverages on the premises.

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