How to Eat Fire

Eat Fire

How to Eat Fire. Fire eating is an amazing and impressive feat, however it is extremely dangerous and should only be attempted after professional training. This guide is only intended to provide an idea of what goes into professional fire eating. It is not intended to equip you with all the knowledge you must have in order to eat fire. Read on to learn how to eat fire.

Train under a professional fire eater or attend a fire eating workshop. Untrained individuals must never attempt fire eating alone or with a non-professional.

Properly set up the fire eating area. Use a floor with a surface that is fire-proof and non-absorbent. Make sure there is no breeze or draft. Check that there is nothing in the area that can catch on fire. Have first aid supplies and a fire extinguisher available.

Light your torch. Fire eaters use special torches, wicks and fuel.

Stand in the correct position. The fire eater stands with his legs wide so that he is properly balanced. He will then tilt back his head with his nose and mouth pointing straight up. This position assures that all the heat of the torch goes directly up to the ceiling and away from his face and mouth.

Breathe correctly. This is the most important aspect of fire eating. The performer takes a deep breath and exhales slowly and with control for 15 to 20 seconds. This causes much of the heat to blow away from the face. If he inhales even a little bit, flames will be sucked into his lungs.

Eat the fire. The performer sticks out his tongue so it is wide and flat. He then lowers the fiery torch onto his tongue, takes the torch into his mouth with his tongue and then closes his lips almost entirely around the shaft of the torch.

Quench the flame. With a last puff of air, the fire eater puts out the flame. This must be done very carefully because the lips will be burned if there is even a moment of contact with the torch's shaft.

Perform more tricks. With years of practice and skill a fire eater can perform a number of more impressive tricks such as eating fiery embers, fire vapor tricks, giant fire blasts, breathing fire and holding the torch with the teeth.


Do not attempt to eat fire without a professional. Fire is very dangerous and can cause severe burns or death. The chemicals are also very dangerous and can cause cancer if not handled properly.

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