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How to Clean Your Vocal Cords

Vocal cords are an important part of many professions.
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Singers, actors, teachers, lawyers, judges and others rely on their voice for their jobs. They are professional voice users, making cleaning their vocal cords a consideration. Your cords can become congested or irritated for several reasons, but there are some natural remedies and practices that can tune your voice to its natural tone. "Your voice is your ambassador to the outside world," said Norman Hogikyan, researcher at the University of Michigan Health System. "It portrays your personality and emotions."

Drink lots of water. Having a water bottle by your side could prompt you to clean and keep your vocal cords well-hydrated. A good indication that you are drinking enough water is your urine, which should be white.

Take heartburn medicine. Though you may not feel the symptoms of heartburn. Acid can rise from your stomach into your vocal cords.

Rest your voice at least once every two to three hours for 10 minutes. Excessive use of your voice can cause you to lose it. Try not to speak too much the day before you need your voice.

Don't yell and keep your voice at a moderate level. Avoid noisy areas where you might be forced to speak loudly. Once your voice becomes hoarse, stop using it.

Breath clean air. If your smoke, quit. If you are in an environment where someone smokes, either ask the person to stop smoking around you or remove yourself from the environment.

Things You'll Need:

  • Water bottle
  • Heartburn medicine
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