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How to Dress Like ZZ Top

From the look of their website, that "Little Old Band From Texas" is still going strong. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill made a name for themselves in the eighties by blending a catchy kind of pop music with their own kind of image appeal. With hits like "Legs" and "Sharp Dressed Man", the duo captivated audiences with their straightforward electric-guitar grooves as well as their style, and decades later, they're still rockin', re-defining style for a whole new generation.

Get yourself a collection of "shades." ZZ Top was not alone in promoting sunglasses to a style-conscious pre-millennial crowd, but with their almost religious use of the tinted eyewear, they did their part. They even added their own pop hit, "Cheap Sunglasses" to the trend.

Put away the Gilette. They wouldn't be the ZZ Top of international fame without their trademark beards. No, they're not Amish (or River Brethren either). The pair used facial hair in the pursuit of image, and did what some would consider nearly impossible: they made long beards fashionable. That's not to say there are that many fans running around with similar styles; the long beard is too hard to maintain and clashes with the guidelines of many popular occupations (volunteer firefighter, for one). But if you want to truly resemble "the Top", it's a must.

Stock up on suit coats or "smoking jackets." For stage performances, Gibbons and Hill wear matching combos; a few traditional black coats wouldn't hurt. They're also seen in bright red coats, or other flashy colors.

Pick out some hats. The front-running headgear of the Top: simple grey or black fedoras. Also featured on stage are knit caps or other styles, but for the best commonly recognized top style, it's the fedora all the way.

Be a "sharp dressed man" in neat, pressed coats and pants, always immersed in the style that stood these long-time musicians in good stead through the years, showing that some styles are truly timeless. While the glam-rock icons have put away their frills and cut their hair, ZZ Top hasn't changed too much to maintain the same space in our national consciousness.

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